Workshop Carlos Garaicoa, Fundación Botín, Villa Iris, Santander, Spain

Workshop Carlos Garaicoa,  Fundación Botín, Villa Iris, Santander, Spain


The three works presented in Villa Iris, the relationship between Nature and Man-made creation come into play.

The object, ‘Fire-proofed’ is combination of two elements in a state of inbetween, both taken from the building site of the future Botin Foundation. The first material is a root of a tree, that was taken out from the ground in preparation of the new garden and the second material is a special fire-proof cement, that is sprayed on the metal construction of the museum.

The second installation is a wall piece made out of over 40 images of a tree growing around a shade construction . It is located on the promenade of Santander, just in front of Villa Iris. The collage-like construction of the piece is a play between organic nature forms and the geometric forms of the cement beams.

The last installation is made out of three photographs and an article printed from the internet. The article is about the de-extinct project in Zaragoza, that is trying to recreate the Pyrenean ibex, which is a type on a mountain goat, that went extinct in Jan 2000. The images show a newly born goet strolling around the Barcelona Pavilion in Barcelona.



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