ATARA – A Sci-fi Opera by Amir Fattal

ATARA - A Sci-fi Opera

2x channel HD video 15’50”, 2019

Atara is a 1970s styled sci-fi film set to contemporary Opera music. The score is based on the opera Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner together with original music by Boris Bojadzhiev.

Shot on location in Berlin, it tell the story of two buildings that used to stand at the same place: the Berliner Stadtschloss and the Palast der Republik.

The video follows a ceremony that takes place in the palace during a moment when one building is being resurrected and another building is transcending into a ghost. It deals with the collective memory of architecture and its symbolic representation in public.

The music is based on the Liebestod song from the opera Tristan and Isolde, sung by Isolde after Tristan’s death. The score was made by copying the last note as the first note and proceeding in this way until a new ‘mirrored’ piece was formed and recording it live. Then this recording is reversed backwards digitally.


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