Frieze, 2015

Frieze is a series of 3D printed reliefs, that are based on photography images taken from the internet showing building in a state of destruction.The images are taken from Babylonian and Assyrian world heritage architecture, that were destroyed during the past 12 years (from the 2nd Golf war through the Arab spring and ISIS at- … Read more

Coverage, 2015

Excerpt from ‘The Rape of Memory’ by David Elliott: Coverage, more than a play on words, is the title of the large fabric work with which this exhibition concludes. Decorative, geometric arabesques uniformly cover thirty-six differently coloured pieces of fabric, roughly the size of a scarf, a flag or a towel; over each of them … Read more

Untitled – silkscreens, 2015

Excerpt from ‘The Rape of Memory’ by David Elliott: In an untitled series of large silkscreens made with dust, pigment and lacquer printed on sheet aluminium, Fattal has focused on images of recent acts of cultural desecration and destruction as they have been depicted throughout the Arab media, often using film supplied by the perpetrators … Read more

Terrain, 2015

Excerpt from ‘The Rape of Memory’ by David Elliott: In his exhibition, Mesopotography, Fattal has broadened the geographical and conceptual focus of his work to include the systematic cycles of destruction of historical and religious monuments that have characterised warfare in the Middle East, Afghanistan and North Africa over the past twenty years. The propensity … Read more


GERMAN INTERIOR, 2013 Black desert sand on aluminium 85×104 cm   JAPANESE INTERIOR, 2013 Black desert sand on aluminium 85×104 cm   German Interior and Japanese Interior are extensions of 1943 – German Village, showing the inside of buildings used for military experiments. Skilled decorators from Hollywood’s RKO Studios created the interiors to ascertain how … Read more

Screen 2011

SCREEN, 2011 Bathroom cabinets, bronze mirrors, wood 180x220x50cm   Screen is an installation comprising bathroom cabinets and bronze mirrors on one side and dark wood on the other. Folding the cabinets against the mirrors duplicates the parallel, vertical lights, resembling the effect of Speer’s design for “Lichtdom”, 1936, with its parallel lights beamed into the … Read more

1943- German Village

      1943 – GERMAN VILLAGE, 2012 Industrial dust on metal, lacquer on tin, wood 95×80 cm 1943 – German Village is named after a military experiment that took place in the US that year. The work combines two facets of the architect Erich Mendelsohn: creation and destruction within the context of Berlin. Two … Read more


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