”Goral E’had” (One fate), Solo Exhibition at ST-ART, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, june 1st – june 28th 2012.

Goral Echad – Amir Fattal Opening: Saturday, the 2nd of June 19:30-23:00 Address: ST-ART, 8 Hatzedef street, Jaffa 68034, Israel Duration: 02.06-28.06.2012 In ‘Goral Echad’ (one destiny), Amir Fattal seeks to present the relationship between war, trauma and artistic development. Fattal follows the biographies of architects, artists, actors and photographers in order to explore aesthetic … Read more

‘Selected artists award 2010’ NGBK, Berlin 2011

Text by Heinz Stahlhut, from the 2011 “Berliner Senat Arbeitsstipendium” catalog. Dem flüchtigen Beobachter scheinen die jüngsten Arbeiten Amir Fattals der Ästhetik der Minimal Art verpflichtet: Materialien der industriellen Massenproduktion, glatte, reflektierende oder semitransparente Oberflächen, formal vereinfachte, vorfabrizierte Elemente in serieller Reihung, Beleuchtungskörper, die ihre Materialität durch die Wirkung des Lichts transzendieren – alles strahlt … Read more

‘Tomorrow gets me higher’ Solo exhibition at Wilde Gallery, Berlin 2010

Fattal’s sculptural works incorporate vintage objects culled from Berlin flea markets that make reference to themes as varied as personal nostalgia, political history, notions of gender roles and degrees of erotica. Placed in vitrines atop elegantly modern pedestals, their shapes reflected infinitely within the vitrines’ mirrored walls, these objects assume another layer of significance and are elevated from mundane … Read more


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